About Us:

  • Jungle Games Paintball was created with two important concepts at the heart of everything we do. Safety and Fun! We seek to provide the very best safety and fun to the all to often overlooked but all important recreational paintball players. We specialize in catering to weekend and first time players. And pride ourselves on being a family oriented playing field.

  • We Do Not cater to organized teams or tournaments . Jungle Games prides itself on the trust we`ve built with parents. Many of our "regulars" enjoy the freedom of safely dropping of their kids for a day of weekend fun. Knowing they won`t have to worry!

  • At Jungle Games you`ll find we`re always staffed with a abundance of referees! We are committed to insuring that all safety rules are strictly followed. Make sure to reference the safety and rules section on our site for further information on our rules of play.

  • Jungle Games Paintball has the largest collection of in game props of any facility in the greater bay area. Adding to the excitement of our facility are 2 tanks, 2  real airplanes, 2 real helicopters, and perhaps the largest moving prop in Paintball: Our now famous battle rover :You`ve got to see to to believe it!!

  • We are proud to offer the finest rental equipment you may have seen at any paintball field! As of late 2008 we have added brand new tippmann 98 customs paintball markers and brand new safety masks!

  • If you ever have questions, feel free to call or email us any time.

  • About Paintball:

  • For many years now paintball has been the fast growing extreme sport in America and its played in a variety of exciting ways. It can be played recreationally or competitively, indoors or outside and in a vast variety of settings.

  • The game is played with a CO2 compressed air or nitrogen powered paintball gun (also known as a "Marker") which propels a biodegradable gelatin capsule. These capsules break on impact leaving a "Splat" of (washable) water soluble paint. The paintball denotes that your opponent is "Out" of "Eliminated". Game objectives vary just as the setting and style of game can. With objectives such as eliminating opposing team, capturing the flag, or tagging a base. Competitions generally last 20 minutes allowing ten to fourteen games to be played a day. All games are refereed to insure player safety and fair play

  • The majority of players are between the ages of 10 to 40. Those players ages 10 to 17 years can play with parents written permission. Individuals  of all shapes, sizes and athletic abilities can play paintball. Size and muscular stature do not ultimately determine the best players. Good paintball players utilize a variety of skills. Strategy, strength of purpose and desire are often the most important winning factor. Anyone can be a star player!

  • Jungle Games makes available all the equipment that is necessary to Play. High tech automatic paintball guns, safety goggles and protective masks are included in are rental fee. We also provide high quality premium paintballs for purchase to insure a safe and enjoyable outing. Advisable attire are includes dark and natural colored, loose fitting, comfortable and serviceable athletic foot wear. Shorts and short sleeve shirts are NOT recommended.

  • A Commitment to Safety:

  • We are committed to making paintball enjoyable for all of our patrons. Therefore, every player must attend our rules orientation prior to play. Field rules and waivers for players under the age of 18 are provided below.

  • We recommend to Families groups and individuals to bring your own Paper towels, Drinking water, and Garbage bags!